Boardgame Babble-not

IMG_9143Yes, it’s been a pretty quiet patch of time here at Boardgame Babylon. I’ve been quite busy for…well…the last couple of years. When I changed jobs a couple of years back, I took on a role that consumes more time but in a good way because it’s an exciting company, the podcast took a hit. Furthemore, I’ve been focusing on my non-gaming gaming time being devoted to completion of various board game designs that I have in the works. Again, the podcast took a hit.

Late last year, however, I had a decision that my deep involvement with Strategicon Conventions here in Southern California would take the next hit. It has – I’m now just an advisor to the Strategicon Library and I found a good fellow to take over running that part of the show (after also shedding my roles as the head of the Board Games CEvp7rRUUAAguvV.jpg-largedepartment, the Special Guests Director, and a few other things). This has given me back some family time and freed me up for potentially more conventions at a distance where I can take my game designs for more exposure. I only went to about half of The Gathering of Friends this year due to some work issues but I got some opportunities to play test there and got some good feedback for continuing with our two main games in development, Theme Park and Cosplay Contest (formerly Cosplay Grab).

What does that mean for the podcast? I wish I could say it means I will do them more often. I have at least a half dozen that are just sitting around and waiting on an edit. I have a handful of new ideas for shows (although I gave a list away to a podcasting buddy, too – that’s okay, ideas are not a problem for me) and the inclination will come back at some point. I do love podcasting but I’m also reminded that when I started nearly a decade ago, it was in response to a callout from Mark Johnson’s Boardgames To Go for more podcasts on the hobby. I answered that call at a time when there weren’t many (Mark’s, Geekspeak, Dice Tower, a couple more). Now, the board game podcasts are legion and so I’m not feeling any obligation to be part of the media, even though I still love to talk about the hobby.

For now, I’m writing the occasional blog post (one from The Gathering is coming and another from TableTop Day at Geek & Sundry) when the mood strikes and I’m still updating Facebook and Twitter rather a lot, if you live in those spaces. The formats suit my too-busy lifestyle since the short-form is often the only form I have time to fill in these days.CFGhO3tUgAEEB7D.jpg-large

However, I’m also saving up material for a book on hobby gaming. It’s a ways off and won’t be properly compiled until Theme Park, Cosplay Contest, and at least one other game in the works get out there. But it’s coming – already half a dozen chapters are written in formats that were too long for the blog. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re in SoCal for Gamex 2015 this weekend, I will be there for Friday night and pretty late. But then I’ll spend the rest of the long holiday weekend with family and in my secret lab, tweaking Theme Park tiles and forcing my closest cohorts to play it again and again.