Five Quick Questions About A Brazen Crown: A Mörk Borg Card Game

Editor’s Note: As an avowed content geek, I try new formats. People seem to love our 5 Quick Questions interviewette for tabletop designers that is a quick read. We promise no TL;DR. Let’s see how Brendan Evans, mysterious game designer and MÖRK BORG lover, does, shall we?

BGB: Attention is money, my friend. What is the elevator pitch for A Brazen Crown from Longtail Games?

Brendan Evans: Do you love the world of Mörk Borg, (the grimdark OSR fantasy RPG)? Do you think that actually getting a chance to play TCGs is fun, but you’d happily just buy all the cards once if they came in the box and be done with it? We did that. We made the perfect TCG, we steeped it in a metal-art-punk aesthetic, and then we put it in one box. That’s a single box, as in if you get the box then you have a copy of all the cards that exist, and you have them in the proper amount.

BGB: Making games is hard work, so you best have a great reason for making this thing. What inspired this game?

Brendan Evans: I spent my 20s collecting Magic: the Gathering cards, and specifically drafting them (think sushi go!, but after the sushi train stops you compare your meal for hours on end). I can’t keep up with new Magic sets anymore, and apparently a lot of people feel that way too … so why not just make a game in a single box that has the good gameplay of TCGs but without the gross monetisation (“blind booster packs, monthly releases, set rotations”)?

BGB: There are too many games out there. What hole in my game collection does this fill?

Brendan Evans: The box is aggressively yellow and the cards are a unique art punk aesthetic. You don’t own anything that looks like this. If you could draw a line between Sushi Go or Smash Up as a casual drafting game and Hearthstone or a Fantasy Flight card game, we’d be in the midpoint. You don’t own anything that plays like this.

BGB: This is Boardgame Babylon, so out with your dirty secrets. What DON’T you want to tell me about this game?

Brendan Evans: I said earlier that everything that Long Tail Games has made for A Brazen Crown will come in a single box. That’s true, but the secret is we think there might be a way for more A Brazen Crown to happen… without us. Hopefully, that reveal is a good one! We want to release an Open Gaming License for A Brazen Crown so that you can make and distribute your own cards. This means I am just the first designer of the game but I’m hopefully not the last or even the best person who does the job.

BGB: Love that idea! Thanks for telling us a bit about A Brazen Crown. Let’s wrap up with the key specifics (play time, number of players, and the link to the game) and also, since I think you can tell a lot about a person by understanding their sense of humor, what’s a good joke to close this interviewette?

Brendan Evans: A Brazen Crown – 2-4 players, 30 minutes + 15 minutes per player – check this out for an overview:



Two kids are playing with trading cards. One says “Hey, how much did that dragon cost you?”


“Pffft. I’ve seen a version of the same card that costs $50.”