PRESS RELEASE: Zero Gravity – A Magnetic Miniatures Game

Zero Gravity is a capture the flag game for 2-4 players, featuring more than 80 magnetic miniatures (40mm) and a 3D arena. Each player controls a team of 14 miniatures that aims at scoring the target amount of Cheers (points) and win the game.

How does it work? Each miniature has a metal strip in the base and the board contains a hidden magnetic layer: you can imagine what happens next! Each game component can be positioned upside down in the battlefield, for unique battle strategies. This innovation is applied to ALL MINIATURES and PLASTIC COMPONENTS included in Zero Gravity.


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  1. Dave Anderson October 4, 2018 4:37 am 

    I have never played any type of miniatures games, but this sounds really interesting to me! I would love to try this game and games like it sometimes! Miniatures games sound really fun! I have heard a lot about different games from some of my friends.

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