Russian Railroads Wins 2014 DSP Award!

BGB says:

Russian Railroads wins the DSP. While a good game, I found it unexciting and don’t see it winning over Concordia. Heck, even Istanbul (another solid but overrated game) placed over the clever, intriguing Mac Gerdts design. I am huge fan of Rudiger Dorn so I’m glad to see he’s getting kudos but this is certainly one of his lesser games.

The winner of the 2014 Deutscher Spielepreis (DSP), the heavier of the two major German Game of the Year awards, is Russian Railroads. The game was designed by Helmut Ohley and Lonny Orgler and was published by Hans im Gluck. This is HiG’s eighth DSP award, far more than any other publisher (the only other…

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