Sign up for the BGB’s Secret Boardgame Newsletter because secrets and board games.

Shh…but if you’re interested, sign up for the new Secret Boardgame Newsletter from BGB to get our weekly dose of curated board game news delivered right to your private email box (not just posted on some common social network or blog…) It’s the thing. There will be good links for reading with brief notes of love from yours truly. Also, prizes. There will be some giveaways, sometimes from me and sometimes from other people. Only good people, I promise.

Still have questions? Here are some FTBAQs (Frequently To Be Asked Questions) and responses.

Why an email newsletter?

To curate news that I like that you might like, too. Maybe what I think adds something. I hope it will. Also, people still use email and I like newsletters so here you go.

What will it contain?

Tabletop news, reviews and happenings from the week with some contextual words. I’ll link to the good stuff but you can also skim the info in newsletter. You get to pick.

Will you include advertising?

If someone wants their message in here and it seems like something you and I would like, I may. It’ll always be at the end, I’ll never include stuff that insults our intelligence and I will disclose everything.

Let’s be clear – I won’t write advertorial for this newsletter. No paid previews or native ads. I know this stuff. I do it in the real world and have for decades. I won’t do it here. I’m primarily curating and writing this for myself and my board game friends (that’s you).

Why it is a secret newsletter?

Secrets are cool.

Where do I sign up for all this email goodness?

A pop-up should have helped you there by now. If not, look at the top of the page. If there’s still nothing, what in tarnation is wrong with SumoMe? Just email me at and I’ll lift the velvet rope personally.

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