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FREE SOLO GAME: Dark Force Incursion – Download Now

DR Games would like to announce the release of Dark Force Incursion, a roll and write, single player tabletop game. It has been designed with the current world situation in mind. What can be easily accessible to those who are at home and unable to participate in their usual gaming sessions because of isolation? The obvious answer is a downloadable roll and write game, and as the rule book and initial maps are free it is a great way of giving something back to the community.

Take the hex tile design, that is a feature of other DR Games designs, combined with a number mechanism and injected with a narrative, and Dark Force Incursion is born. Narrative elements are key to how DR Games designs their products and for DFI there is dramatic setting…

Your land has been invaded by a powerful Dark Force. The speed of the invasion was frightening, and they have taken all the defensive forts in your land. In desperation you have gathered your dwindling army and now must push out to recapture these forts to secure the safety of your people and drive.”

Dark Force Incursion is a Roll and Write game that is for one person, taking 20 to 40 minutes to play. All you will need is the rule book, one of the DFI maps, one six-sided dice and a pencil.

Here are the files to download: 

Dark Force Incursion Rule Book 

Calosanti Region Map 

Biliton Region Map 

Tolantus Region Map

Borkana Region Map

Shalmista Region Map

The rule book consists of four pages and each map a single page

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