Unboxing Babylon: Boardgame Babylon opens up

Unboxing videos for board games have been popular for years. I’ve never watched one. For some reason, I figured maybe I’d start to understand their appeal by recording one. My kids think I’m nuts and they’re probably right. But who cares? Conveniently, I had two boxes handy to open up. I received the Geek and Sundry Nerdblock (only about two weeks after they said it was shipped) and recently grabbed up Star Wars: Rebellion. So, here’s a quick (hmm…maybe not quick but more like twenty minutes) video of me talking through the opening up process.

Do I understand why unboxing videos are appealing now? Maybe. If you’re keen to see all those new components (SW: Rebellion is wonderful here), this is cool. I guess if you were on the fence about Lootcrate or another subscription service, it might help show me what’s what in the latest versions that might have skipped out on ordering. To be honest, I’ve avoided those subscription services because I feared mostly remaindered, clearance geek crap no one wants.

Is that what happened with my unboxing experience? Well, check the video below (streamed on Periscope to a very small audience) to see how the Nerdblock turned out.

Star Wars: Rebellion is the second half but I mostly just open things up to see what it all looks like. I’m excited to play the game with my son tomorrow and give this monster but very interesting game a shot. The double-board setup is so massive that I expect we’ll need to set up a second table to fit it. That sheer scale has my son excited – he’s already a bigger Star Wars fan than I am so this is right up his alley. I’ve had more luck getting him to the table with Imperial Assault and X-Wing than almost any other game (yeah, he loves Smash-Up, too).

Anyway, so maybe I kind of get unboxing. It’s not what I call ‘full-attention entertainment’ (FAE). In other words, I’m expecting you listen/watch it while doing at least one other thing. I had fun recording it and hope other people will do so, too. We’ll see if it happens again.