Press Release: Invisible Rocket Announces Monster Hunter Academy Board Game & Monthly Club

March 5, 2016 – Today Invisible Rocket announced Monster Hunter Academy, a new board game set in a family friendly dungeon created to keep kids thinking on their toes.

Monster Hunter Academy is a board game that get and keeps kids excited about classic fantasy monsters by mailing them new creatures and activities every month to keep the play advancing. MHA wants to get kids all over the world using their imagination have fun while spending quality time with their families. In our digital age there has been a bit of magic lost. Children seldom receive letters in the mail, and yet when they do there’s an excitement that’s hard to find anywhere else. When kids know they’ll be something delivered each month just for them, anticipation and excitement build. Monster Hunter Academy is thrilled to deliver that excitement each month, along with much more.

“I originally wanted to create a new way of interacting with my 6 year old outside of video games and traditional board games,” said MHA creator, Brian Colin. “We had been battling with mini­figures and reading from the Monster Manual at bedtime, and I just thought there’s got to be a way to put all of these things together in a way that’s kid friendly and fun for parents too.” As an advertising creative and designer by trade, Brian ably put together the playful look for this epic board game with limitless possibilities. “It was important to me to find a way to incorporate additional activities and games for the Monster Hunters In Training to play with their parents, and thus the monthly Debriefing emails and mailers were created. It’s the perfect geeky way to bring families together while getting kids to think creatively.” Monster Hunter Academy builds upon itself each month adding more monsters and options. This means that your family can enjoy continuous play that grows and changes just like your little hunter or huntress.

A classic dungeon setting is the backdrop as 2 to 6 players assume the roles of tough hunters. Your hunter or hunters can choose to tackle one of three game modes: Treasure Hunt, Monster Hunt, or Dungeon Escape. Prior to the first mailing, parents will receive a Monster Debriefing email, giving them a basic understanding of the upcoming monster. Parents can also expect each debriefing to include additional suggestions for family fun projects related to that month’s monster. This not only makes you as the parent an instant monster expert, it also allows you to prepare. The first mailing that is sent out will include the following: A unique Monster Hunter Academy ID card with the recipient’s name and photo, A welcome letter, The game box, 4 unique dungeon boards that can be turned and arranged in numerous ways, 6 player pieces, 1 ten-­sided die, The official game rules, A Booger Monster collectible card with monster stats, 6 Booger Monster pieces, and A Booger Monster activity sheet.

Once your Monster Hunter In Training has their game and first monster, it’s time to get started! Try all the game modes, work through the activity sheet, and perform some crazy experiments as a family. We promise the fun won’t stop there. As your collection grows each month, your Monster Hunter games will become more and more challenging and fun! Every month your family can expect: A new Monster Debriefing email, A new Monster collectible card with monster stats, 6 new Monster
game pieces, and A new Monster activity sheet. Monster Hunter Academy is expected to be available in September with an expected online retail price of $99. For more information visit the Monster Hunter Academy Kickstarter campaign here.

About Invisible Rocket
Invisible Rocket provides design, development, marketing, and strategy for a wide variety of clients. Founded by two industry veterans Rocket has planned to launch passion projects since its founding in 2015. Monster Hunter Academy is their first personally powered brand to enter development with three more to follow by the end of 2016. For more information please visit our site.

Contact: Brian Colin, 404­-890-­5959

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